Each time I pass Belmont on the El I look down and see Cheesies, the scene of my very first blog post. As it was the anniversary of me starting The Chicago El Stop Food Hunt project I thought it would be appropriate to go back and have another of Cheesies really tasty sandwiches.

Since I was here last the place has expanded, not only has the interior doubled in size to include a large bar area, but it looks like the menu options had expanded too.  I am sure that there was more on Cheesies Sandwich Menu Board and not only that I found out that they have openend another branch up in Evanston, so guess where I may be heading next.

I usually end up having the Classic sandwich when I come here with a side of macaroni cheese, but this time I thought I would combine them with “The Mac” This is a sandwich of American, Merkt’s cheddar a homemade Macaroni Cheese filling in Texas Toast, I accompanied it with some tater tots and it also came with a tomato soup dipping sauce. The Tomato soup was a bit more watery than I remembered, maybe it was the new people, maybe it was just my luck that day. The tater tots were not really worth getting, but the sandwich was quite good. I liked the texture contrast of crunchy texas toast with really soft creamy macaroni cheese inside. It was good but I remember the classic being so much better, so I think that I am going to have to head up to Evanston to try one up there.

Forgetting the sandwiches, just for a moment, the interior is a real delight with a whole load of iconic pictures redesigned to include grilled cheesesandwiches, there is even a retro table top pacman machine, but That is not what I came for, I came for a good sandwich.

So on to Evanston to see what is really happening.

Belmont Cheesies is right by the Belmont El Station, red, brown, and occasional rush hour purple. Location: 958 W.Belmont Ave. You can follow them on facebook and twitter, and online at www.cheesieschicago.com