I was not even out on a Scotch Egg Hunt I was just strolling past the Wilson Red Line CTA station on my way to Target when I was distracted by a West African Resturant across the road. I just had to check it out to see if they had anything I had not tried before. Then to my surprise I saw a picture of Scotch Eggs in the window.


I could not believe my luck, but surely these were not the scotch eggs I cherish and yearn for that I get back home in the UK? I went inside to check with the waitress and she said they were the same so I bought a couple just to try. Even better there were just $1.99 each, better than paying $10 down the Gage.

But were they really the same? Well they were crispy, with breadcrumbed sausage meat surrounding and encasing a hard boiled egg. There was a slight seasoning to the meat I could not quite fathom out, but still tasty.

Now it may not seem like a big deal to many, but I was one happy camper to find these on the menu and also at such a decent price.

I also learnt something today as well, I thought that scotch eggs were just a UK phenomena having been originally invented (apparantly) by Fortnum & Masons back in 1738. but after a little bit of google research I learnt that some fast-food restaurants in West Africa offer Scotch eggs alongside their other menu items.

Iyanze is located at 4623 N Broadway, opposite the CTA Red Line stop at Wilson

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