Ok so you are walking through the historic streets of Edinburgh looking for some traditional Scottish fare and suddenly out of the corner of your eye you espy something of interest. A whole hog roast sitting in the window practically begging you to eat it. This is Oink in Edinburgh’s Victoria Street, started by two working farmers from the Scottish Borders, first on the markets thenopening a shop with a great name, selling simple but quality fare. If you want a roast pork sandwich with crackling then this should be your first and last port of call.

I was still hoping to source more than just this single snack on my wanders of Edinburgh so I was restrained and went for an Oink, I got it with a spread of Haggis and some crackling in a white hoagie roll. I resisted the offering of apple sauce in favour of the haggis, took my sandwich and headed out into the sunny, cobbled streets to consume this glorious find.

Now it may not look much, but it was really good, a bit of crunchy crackling to add a crisp bite and texture to some great moist juicy pork, and a salty smear of haggis to add another dimension to the sandwich. Its time like this that one regrets living thousands of miles away in another country. Whatever anyone says, Britain has some good simple food, this is healthy fast food at its best.

Oink is located at  34 Victoria Street, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2JW, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook

I can honestly guarentee a tasty sandwich, I can’t promise the sunshine that I was lucky enough to see

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