About Me

Me and Girl in Goat

What is “My Food Hunt”?

To me it is mainly eating and cooking as much good food as I can with what time I have left on this earth.

My Favourite Quote about food and travel that sums up the whole ethos of the MyFoodHunt world  is this one from Dave Myers and Si King in their Hairy Bikers Cookbook

“Food is the commonest of all currencies, the most universal of languages, and the more we’ve travelled, the more we’ve become aware of it’s importance. It’s what gets us going in the morning, and what sends us to bed happy at night”

Somewhere in Cornwall

Born in London and raised in Nottingham, My early memories of food was boiled egg sandwiches on the beach with my Grandma, with a tomato, and perhaps a slice of pasty. I grew up in a time when exotic food included spaghetti bolognaise and Chili con carne. We thought chicken supreme from a tin on toast was a treat.

They do say that travel broadens the mind, and it also broadens the palate, at home we had a lot of good home cooked proper food, pies, soups, stews and roasts. Eating out was Fish and Chips on the park bench, or a packet of crisps with a bottle of warm dandelion and burdock in the pub beer garden.

We went camping and ate tins of stewing steak, with those jars of veg that had both carrots and peas in, we had bacon out of a tin, it was what we knew and it kept us going for days on the beach, now we look back and reminisce fondly about even though we have moved on into a world of farm shops, local markets, and drooling over celebrity chef offerings on the telly.

I left Nottingham in 1987 to attend Polytechnic in Wolverhampton where I studied applied science, but more importantly I had my first takeaway curry and drank my first lager. I did not like it, but 3 years later with a Degree certificate in hand I was a convert and had eaten my way through many an Indian Restaurants menu


The culinary world was then opened with work and study providing extended stays in China, India, Germany, and the USA.

Hyderabad market

By day I earnt small bits of paper that I spent eating out and exploring strange markets and generally trying anything on a plate.

These days I earn those bits of green paper so that I can spend my spare time either eating, cooking, hunting for or reading about food.

When I am in Chicago I hunt along the elevated railway When I am in Nottingham I hunt along the Tram