Sutton Bonington Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market at the Sutton Bonington School of Agriculture is one of the best markets in the county. Look out for the latest review on The Nottingham Food Blog Coming Soon

Annie’s Burger Shack

I had such a great lunch today at Annie’s Burger Shack in Nottingham I had to do a little comic strip to commemorate those excellent burgers. look out for the review coming soon on The Nottingham Food Blog

Craft Beer Sampling at The Ned Ludd

  We had a great time at The Ned Ludd this week and could not resist doing a little comic strip. You can read a review of the beer and the food here on The Nottingham Food Blog

The Little Goat Diner

We just could not resist cartooning the visit to the Little Goat Diner CheckĀ out for the review from The Chicago El Stop Food Hunt Project

Nottingham Beer Festival 2013

We had a great time at the Nottingham Beer Festival 2013 and it was as much of a story as a comic book caper, so we had to post this strip into the MyFoodHunt comic book.

The Salmon Wrapped Scotch Duck Egg

I love a good scotch egg, and when you get one with the yolk still running free inside when you cut into it, well that is something quite magical, perhaps the sort of thing that you only read about in a comic strip. Perhaps it is just the stuff of my imagination or perhaps it…

The Bacon Butty

Some Mornings when your head is full of last nights beer you just have to head to the truck stop in the nearest layby for a bacon butty and don’t forget the brown sauce.