CHaRLITo’s CoCINa – “Scratch Cooking and Charcuterie”

I bumped into Charlito’s Cocina at the Columbus Christmas Market on a pre-xmas shopping trip to New York. Hidden away amongst the stalls selling beads, fancy jewellery, and scented candles, Charles Wekselbaum stood with his small board of little charcuterie treats. Other market browsers passed him by, but I was straight in there.

There were some little slices of Trufa seca – a dry cured black truffle sausage, and some Dry Figa salami, to sample. Both of which were great and tempting, but I had my eye on the chorizo hanging up behind him. Very kindly he was willing to cut me a piece to sample and it was so tasty I had to buy one. It was a good solid chunky chew, tender but firm, with a sweetness and a slight lingering spiciness (paprika)  it also had a juicy meaty flavour that tingled the taste buds. looking at the slice you could see decent lumps of white fat that when placed in the mouth and chewed had a soft silky texture.

The website for Charlito’s Cocina described the Chorizo as

Seco-Dry-Cured Chorizo

“Our version of an old time classic is made with heritage breed, pasture raised pork. It is seasoned with Mediterranean sea salt, mild paprika, and garlic. It is subtle, earthy, and just powerful enough, without overpowering. Have it with greens, a nice baguette, or, our favorite way, on its own.”

I really need to get some more food description training, or maybe not.

I finally got to tuck into the chorizo properly on NewYears Day and it was just as good as I remembered. Bit of crusty bread and some aged cheddar and a small (ahem) glass of wine were perfect accompaniments.

Check out Charlito’s Cocina Product at their website.

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