“Butcher, Baker, Sausage Roll Maker” Carter’s in Bamburgh


When the sun shines in Northumberland it is transformed into one of the most wonderful places.It has beautiful sandy beaches that go on forever, the best is you will pretty much get them all to yourself.  At the village of Bamburgh the castle towers over the the long golden beach and the village green and is a perfect spot to stop, draw breath, have a stroll and find a snack for lunch.

Alongside the green is a row of small shops and nestled within them was Carters with one of the best and most enticing, inviting signs I have seen for a while.


How fantastic a sight was that to some slightly hungry eyes. Inside there were plenty of cheeses, meats, and pies on offer but it was just a couple of sausage rolls that were needed.



After waiting in line for about 10 minutes we emerged with a small bag of sausage rolls and headed over to the beach for  a stroll and a munch for lunch.

Just a tiny little treat but it was just right for a beach stroll picnic. Although the sun was shining there was quite a stiff breeze which was perfect for blowing away those flakes of pastry that fell with each bite. The sausage meat inside was a good herby chunky bite. The pastry golden and slightly greasy, the sort that leaves just a thin layer of grease on the lips and mouth that needs wiping off, always tricky on the beach as sometimes that wipe includes the wind trapped sand grains. Overall this was a most excellent detour to the village of Bamburgh in Northumberland.

Carter’s established in 1887 is a small yet very successful business located in Bamburgh Northumberland at 2 Front St

They are noted for their sausages in particular they are the home of ‘Northumberland’s Finest Sausage’ “The Northumbrian Bamburgh Banger.”

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  1. Alan Wall says:

    My wife and I visited Bamburgh today 9th September 2012, we called into Carters and decided to take the offer 2rump steaks, a pudding and a bottle of wine for £16. The steak was a major let down not for it’s flavour, however the cut of one of the steaks was like a minute steak that belonged in a sandwich , I would of rather paid a little extra for 2 decent cut steaks. The wine and pudding was excellent


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