Flushing Street Bao – A trip up into Queens

In the beginning it seemed like a bad day for a food hunt up into Queens. Not because it was Queens but because we arrived in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. Luckily as we walked off the Main street subway at Flushing we were able to almost instantly huddle beneath the LIRR railway bridge with all of the rest of the Chinese population it seemed. However they were not all sheltering from the storm, no half of them were standing waiting in line at the window of AA Plaza where a whole load of street food and treats were being prepared and sold.

There were things on sticks in a pot of spicy smelling sauce that turned out to be spicy fish balls for just $1. Cheap and fascinating at the same time, who could resist?

I was more interested in some of the pork buns that they were dishing out,  on the face of it this seemed to be a real bargain 4 buns for $1.25 and it was a no brainer to try some at those prices.

While the actual bun was a bit dense and not that tasty the pork filling inside them

was really good, not spicy but well flavoured. I should have asked for some dipping sauce or at least a bit of soy to liven these up. But nonetheless a total bargain. Just for once I thank the rain for making me take shelter.

AA Plaza is located at 40-66 Main St Flushing, NY 11369 just across from the Main street Subway station on the 7 line in Downtown Flushing

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