In a Pickle for Pickles? try Jacob’s Pickles or go off-pickle on the menu as I would

I am really not a big fan of the pickle so I don’t really recall why we thought it would be a good idea to go into Jacob’s Pickles in the first place, but I am kind of glad that we did. If you like pickles then there was quite an amazing selection; “dilly green beans, special sours, hot sours, candy red beets, big dill kosher cukes, sweet & spicy carrots, sour green tomatoes, thyme Jalapeño” . I don’t but they did look pretty on the shelves and I was intrigued to watch tables munching there way through jar after jar. Perhaps this was a set for the “Magic Pickle* – the Kosher Dill Secret Weapon in the battle against the Brotherhood of Evil Produce.”

Instead we went for some more sane choices, the Turkey Leg dinner was really quite good, a slow roasted Pennsylvania free range turkey (happy once but now dead) with mashed potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce for $18. This looked good the meat was falling off the bone and it was touch more classy than those ones that you used to get at the Taste of Chicago.

I went for the Country sausage beer mussels with fries for $17. This was principally beer and mussels in a pot or if you like and you want the nicer menu description it was P.E.I mussels with orange zest country sausage, allagash white, herbs de province and fresh cut fries. As I say it was a big tin bowl of mussels and I needed to empty 3 side plates worth of mussel shells so it was quite substantial. The fries were good as well I actually managed to eat them all and the dipping sauce was good too. I think the menu description would have been better if it had spelled out that they were Prince Edward Island mussels, P.E.I. sounds like some sort of chemical conglomerate oil baron, or a piece of flexiglass plastic (just saying like).

Both of these meals were washed down with a couple of Narragansett Lagers from Rhodes Island, pretty decent stuff in itself.

If you are in a pickle and fancy a pickle then Jacob’s Pickle can be found at 509 Amsterdam Avenue  up between 84th and 85th street. You can ride the local 1 line up to 86th and walk back across 1 block from Broadway.



Watch out for the Magic Pickle!

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