The Morocho Burger from Morocho Peruvian Fusion

When in New York and I am in the mood for some Food Truck food, it seems that the best port of call these days, is to head over to Union Square. There are always a whole mass of Food Trucks lined up there and the only decision for me is to try a new one that I have not encountered before. On this day that encounter was to be with The Morocho Van.

Even though there were many tasty looking items on the menu board, if you stick a sign in the window that claims that you have one of the best 10 burgers in New York well that claim has to be tested.

The Morocho Burger is an All beef patty topped with a fried egg, fried plantain, lettuce and tomato, some salsa criolla (basically a Peruvian Onion, Pepper & Lime Salsa), and Rocoto mayo (the Rocoto is a Peruvian red pepper). So the first picture on the left is the actual burger as presented to me, the second one on the right is the picture from the village voice. Both look equally good and it was a particularly tasty burger. Top Ten? Um not sure. As always I love a fried egg topping, but it is getting a bit ‘de rigeur’, everyone is doing it these days, we need something new to tickle our taste buds with. I quite liked the plantain, but the whole burger was so big that they fell out too easily and got lost in a whole pile of bits in the tray. The mayo and the salsa were total money, I think that they could have been the factor propelling the burger into the Village Top Ten, originality could have been the key here.

It was still pretty darn good though!

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