Kerb at Kings Cross – ‘Spit and Roast’ Food Truck

Kerb at Kings Cross signSpit and Roast Van at Kerb Kings cross

Kerb at King’s Cross is a Street Food Market of mobile traders. It is located at the top of King’s Boulevard, N1C a couple of minutes walk from the King’ Cross Train station entrance. I had read about it prior to heading into London via St Pancreas (which is just over the road from Kings Cross) but I did not think I would be able to visit as it is open only between 11am and 2.30pm Tues to Friday and we were just going to be there for the weekend. Having said that our train was arriving just after 12pm so that was a chance if we planned well.

Even in the rain there can be no better sight that that sign for some food truck action, especially if you have just stepped off a 2 hour train journey. I suppose it might have been more sensible to have gone to the hotel to drop our bags off, but I knew that Kerb would only be there for another couple of hours and since the rain was really pouring I was worried that there would be no-one hanging around there for much longer if no food punters turned up.

Spit and Roast Menu optionsSlow Roast Pork Cob at Kerb

The day that we were there the truck that caught our eye amongst the rain drops was that of Spit and Roast

Their online menu lists the following possibilities;

“Spit roast Suffolk free range chicken, garlic & herb potatoes, gravy”
“Roast pork loin & stuffing bap”
“Buttermilk fried chicken, cornbread muffin, chicken gravy”
“Buttermilk fried chicken bap, apple & celeriac slaw, hot sauce”

The one that we got however was the one on the chalkboard that day which was the “Slow Roast Pork Belly Bap”. It was a very welcome introduction to the start of our London Food Hunting trip. Knowing full well that we could not afford to overdo it on the food consumption front we just had one to share. It really hit the spot, If anything the pouring rain made it even better as it was quite warming to the heart of my stomach. There was plenty of juicy pork meat, and a nice bit of gravy juice adding moistness to the bun. If I had any criticism it would be that the bun was too soft for the sandwich and once filled with juice it fell apart in my hands. I didn’t really care though as it was the meat that I was interested in and I would have been quite happy with just a tray of slow roast pork belly.

I am a little envious of all those of you who can lunch at Kerb more regularly. There are plenty of those trucks that I would like to eat from especially “Tongue ‘n’ Cheek” for their offal inspired burgers, “The Bowler” for their meatballs, I have the book and have tried many of the recipes, but I would like to try the ones they have made to see how much better they are. I also feel the extreme need to have one of Mother Flippers’ ‘Double Candy Bacon Flipper’ – a double stack with maple fried bacon and american cheese! OK I have to stop looking at the Kerbster’s Bios on the Kerb site now before I faint with food envy of the Capital Dwellers.

If you step off the train at Kings Cross or St Pancreas or are just in the area at lunchtime then Kerb could be the place to be

To find, locate and eat from the Spit and Roast Food Truck I suggest following them on Twitter

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