Nottingham Food Blog Digest Oct 2013

This has been a fantastic month for The Nottingham Food Blog, not only have we visited some really good new places, but we also spent the day at The Nottingham Beer Festival, we sort of remember what happened there.

I am glad that you are able to join us on our journey, thanks for reading!


To read more about the places we visited, just click on the photos or links to read the full article on The Nottingham Food Blog


Food at the Nottingham Beer Festival

Wise Monkey say

What sort of food do you expect to find at a beer festival? Most of us are just looking for something to soak up the beer, but it would be nice to think that we are getting something with a good amount of quality and if it tastes good as well then a decent local connection… to find out what we ate Read More Here


The Ned Ludd in the City Centre

The Ned Ludd

…We took a trip over to the newly opened pub “The Ned Ludd” which is just up from the Market Square on Friar Lane, it is occupying the building that until recently was housing a tapas bar and restaurant. It has only been open a couple of weeks, but when you go inside you would imagine it had been there for ages. I heard about the place both by word of mouth and also at the recent Nottingham Beer Festival… Read More Here


Annie’s Burger Shack at the Navigation Inn (City Centre)

Annies Burger Shack

I love eating at Annie’s Burger Shack, they really do have some of the best most authentic US style hamburgers that you can find in the city and probably in the UK as well. I have been here a few time now over the years and I have slowly worked my way through the menu ticking off many of their burgers one by one. I have sampled their excellent “Classic” burger which is your basic diner style cheeseburger, their ‘Mushroom Swiss’  (one of my all time favourite burger topping combinations), and their ‘Bacon Cheddar’ burger. Today though it was time to start getting a little more adventurous and take a punt on one of their more exotic offerings. Read More Here


The Royal Oak in Radcliffe on Trent

The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak ‘pub & kitchen’ in Radcliffe on Trent is another member of the Moleface Stable of pubs in the Nottinghamshire Region. I have always had an enjoyable and memorable dining experience with Moleface at the Larwood & Voce in West Bridgford and I was hoping for more of the same from the Royal Oak. Read More Here


The New Art Exchange by The Forest

New Art Exchange

I have written about the New Art Exchange over by the Forest Recreation Ground on Gregory Boulevard before, but I had never been in on a Sunday before. We were over that way this past weekend doing a bit of shopping at the Indian Supermarket and as it was over we popped in for some lunch. Read More Here


Truly Scrumptious in Tollerton

 Truly Scrumptious

I knew that there had to be a café or deli somewhere in Tollerton, so I spent a couple of lunchtimes driving around the place trying to find one, it took me a while but I finally tracked one down when I found one called Truly Scrumptious tucked away up on Burnside Grove in a small group of shops opposite the Air Hostess Public House. It was a bit ironic that I found both the Air Hostess and Truly Scrumptious at the same time. I just had to choose which one I would eat at first, Truly Scrumptious won.  Read More Here


The Air Hostess in Tollerton

 The Air Hostess

The Air Hostess in Tollerton is an Everard’s pub with a good selection of ales and on the food front it is another hidden away lunch option with some real bargains on the menu. You need to be careful when you choose to go as they only do food from Wednesday to Sunday. I have been in on a Wednesday on a couple of occasions and have been quite satisfied each time. Read More Here


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