Roadside Stop in Ranthambore – Time for Chai and a little bit of a breadmaking lesson

Ranthambore Roadside Stop

Another day, another long drive, and another roadside stop. Today we are travelling from Ranthambore National Park (where the Tigers live) to Pushkar another couple of hundred miles and another 5-6hrs on the bus. I am not exactly sure where this stop was but it was quite a typical kind of place and while we stopped for a cup of Chai our amazing driver was stopping for a little lunch.

Chai for everyone

Chai stop in India

The Chai is quite mixed, a pretty strong sweet milky affair that gets kind of addictive after a while. We find ourselves stopping all over the place to partake usually with a packet of cheap biscuits that we pick up on the way for about 20 rupees or so.

Making Roti iin India

While we supped our Chai we watched the cook rustle up some roti. He was a bit of a demon, rolling them out and cooking them within minutes on the flat pan he had over the coals. It was all quite fascinating and made our efforts at home look quite pedestrian.

Making Roti on the Roadside in India

Quick pause for breath and then he is back rolling out more while those two cook. Phew exhausting just watching him work

tasty daal

Well bread on its own is no good and our man at the wheel was having a bowl of tasty looking daal to go with that bread.

Goat herding in India

We left them too it and wandered off to watch some daily life unfold on the side of the road

Just another all too familiar stop on the road.


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