The Pit Stop Café at Berwick Street Market – Fantastic Fried Rice and Malaysian Curry

Pit Stop Cafe on Berwick Street

The Pitstop Café Berwick Street Van was the street food vendor with the longest queue when we visited Berwick Street Market for lunch last week. To be fair, we walked up and down the street checking everyone else out, but we ended up walking back to the small white caravan surrounded by the hungry horde.

There were many other ‘prettier’ looking stalls but this was to be our choice, it just felt right. I got chatting to a well dressed guy in a suit to see if he had been here before, he had and he was recommending basically everything, this was a good start.

As we waited to get to the front of the line I was loving that the lady behind the counter seemed to know almost every other customer by name. This was an excellent sign of what was to come.


On the Pit Stop Café website they say that;

“We have been specializing in Pan Asian food since 2008 in Berwick Street Market. Customers recognize instantly Pitstop’s small white trailer so much so that it has become a Soho food staple, which should not be missed for anything! Our menu is jammed pack with a great variety of different food”

They had a lot of things that I really wanted to try and I am slightly sad that I cannot turn up every day to work my way through their menu. The chap we spoke to earlier was recommending the salmon and the sea bass, but I had my eyes or rather my stomach had it’s eyes on the BBQ Pork and the Assam Belly. I had to make a difficult choice 🙂

 BBQ Pork with Fried rice

BBQ Pork with fried rice

I chose the Pit Stop Café BBQ Pork with Fried rice for £6.90, and even though I say so myself, this was an excellent choice and decision. It does seem a little bit pricy considering that it is basically fried rice, but you do get a massive portion that could easily serve two people and what the heck I was happy enough.

It reminded me of my days working at the Chinese Academy of Science in Wuhan back in the late 90’s when I used to get a big bowl of egg fried rice from one of the street food vendors each evening, although price wise I was paying those chaps the equivalent of 7p.

The rice was fried in the wok just moments before it was tipped into my bowl, it had that lovely mix of crispy bits that have lightly charred on the hot metal and the soft white rice mixed with fried egg, spice, peas and scallion. It was a perfect bowl, no clumps, no burnt bits, and lots and lots of salty, smokey, fried BBQ Pork. Ooh lovely stuff!

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Malaysian Chicken Curry

The Malaysian Chicken Curry at Pit Stop Café was a total win from start to finish. The bowl of food provided was also huge and could also have easily been shared. It was so large and packed with goodies. There is such a generous portion of that curry that you cannot even see the rice at the bottom of the bowl!

It is a very tasty and gently spicy curry, with plenty of chicken, lots of soft potato, chunks of carrot, some scallions thrown in, and a good scoop of spicy cabbage and chilli garnish. I had a little bit of this and can concur that it also was excellent!


If you find yourself at Berwick Street Market looking for a decent bit of food

then I heartily recommend these guys!


Pit Stop Café is Located at 157 Kentish Town Road serving Pan Asian Cuisine

contact at Tel: 02074280899 Mobile: 07930975838

You can also check out what there are up to on Twitter  and on their Facebook page




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