BurgerFi – “Stylish, eco-minded chain serving grass-fed beef burgers” or ‘a place selling delicious burgers that I like’

Burger Fi in Cary

BurgerFi over on Harrison in Cary is serving up some pretty decent burgers to the good folk in the Triangle.

They describe themselves as a

Stylish, eco-minded chain serving grass-fed beef burgers, plus hot dogs, craft beer & wine.”

It reminded me a little of Shakeshack, only more homely inside, and less industrial

The burgers are all angus grass fed, which is interesting as I have never seen a Scottish burger grazing on the hillsides, oh sorry I get it now, cows eat grass.

It must be pretty good as I have been here at least half a dozen times in the last few months, and I hardly ever go back to the same places when I am out MyFoodHunting.

So what have I stuffed my face with on my recent visits? 🙂 🙂

Burger and Fries at BurgerFi


Trips 1 and 5 = The CEO

breakfast burgerfi burger


The first ever burger I ordered at BurgerFi was the CEO, the menu describes it as “Double Wagyu + Brisket Blend Burger, Homemade Candied Bacon-Tomato Jam, Trufle Aioli, Aged Swiss Cheese”.

It really did sound so good and possibly a little bit expensive, just like some tycoon of burger business could afford

It is a really quite honestly a very tasty burger. The burger patty itself is decent, but what drives this into the burger enthusiasts heart is that ‘sauce’ created by the mix of the truffle aioli and the molten swiss cheese. Each bite is so good, that you find yourself diving back in really quickly for another bite. It really is quite irresistible!

The only downside is that you really do feel the financial burden with each bite! It only took me about 5 bites to consume the devil, gobbling this baby down, but at just under $10 for the sandwich I really felt the cost of each bite.

Is it worth the cost? well it is tasty, but this aint no five star restaurant it is just a burger joint. I did like the CEO though and I have ordered it twice now (so there you go, I guess it was a winner for me)

I will say that you have to be careful with your ordering as it all adds up quite quickly. On this particular occasion I ordered the burger with fries and a drink and was a little shocked at the price of around $18…. ouch this was just lunch in a burger joint 😦

Trip 3 = Breakfast All Day Burger

Burgerfi Brreakfast

I found myself back at BurgerFi for an early lunch, when I say early it was 11am, and we were once again on the cusp of breakfast. I hadn’t eaten any breakfast, was possibly slightly hung-over (I am English)  and I kind of thought that getting a breakfast burger was going to be a great idea.

Burger Fi describe their ‘Breakfast All Day Burger’ thus “Natural Angus Burger, American Cheese, Bacon, Maple Syrup, Fried Egg, Hash Brown, Grilled Onions, Ketchup” and at a price point of just around the $8 mark was weighing in $2 cheaper than that CEO burger.

It was good but not perfect, the Hash Brown lets it down a bit as it was too mushy and took all the texture away from the mouth feel of the bite. Also ketchup and maple syrup does not work in this, or any other universe. I would personally replace the hash brown with either a slice of black pudding or a big meaty portobello mushroom, but you know what? that is just my thoughts.

Lets be honest a bacon and egg sandwich is going to beat ‘any’ breakfast burger, any day of the week, and on Sunday? Man alive I would dread to hear the Lords word on the subject

Trip 2 and 6 = BurgerFi Cheeseburger

BurgerFi Cheeseburger at BurgerFi

Much as I really did love the CEO burger, I have to say that the best value option  at just around $7, and probably the best and most simple burger option on the menu BurgerFi is the Cheeseburger!

There is so much to love and cherish about this sandwich. They describe it on the menu as “Double Natural Angus Burger, Double American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, BurgerFi Sauce”.

I was the most happy with this selection, the topping are so straightforward that you can really get into the heart and soul of the actual meat without superfluous distractions.

I will be honest and admit that I cut the cost of my lunch by just getting the burger, opting for tap water and splitting some fries for the table so that it was under $10. That kind of made me feel I was getting a food deal 🙂

The only thing is whether it is special enough? That is kind of why I think I should splash out for the CEO


BurgerFi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


BurgerFi is a ‘Florida-based chain with locations in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Alaska’

I was here in North Carolina checking out the Cary branch who have their own  Facebook page. Check the chain out on their Twitter feed

This particular branch is located at 2052 Renaissance Park Pl, Cary, NC 27513

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