42nd Street Grill at the Barbican: Steakhouse Style CheeseBurger

42nd Street Grill on Southside Street in the Barbican area of Plymouth is a family run restaurant serving a classic Steakhouse menu. It seems a little old school but yet just want you want when you want a decent honest meal.

The menu does offer up all the cuts of Steak that you might expect, a mixed grill, lamb chops, grilled chicken and a lot more. I suppose we could have gone down that route, but really I just fancied a burger

The menu was offering up a 9 oz 100% Beef Burger “homemade to our special recipe” and that was ‘music to my ears’ or perhaps just a whole lot of temptation to my mind.

I could have gone classic and just got the meat patty with lettuce and tomato, but I always like to gravitate towards any offering that includes bacon AND cheese so I was ordering the “Burger Deluxe”

Fleetingly I considered having the “Empire State Burger” which for just 3 quid more was weighing in at 18 oz, double the size of the standard burger. My sensibilities won over though and I resisted the opportunity 🙂

The Burger Deluxe was a pretty solid effort, a real Steak House style burger. No-one was messing about when they cooked up this beast. It was as promised, a big thick juicy handmade patty of beef, grilled to medium rare under the broiler (grill) so that it had a great seared char on the outside.

When you bit into it all the lovely meaty juices oozed out which I love! I like to mop them up with my fries or chips or whatever potato based side I have on my plate at the time.

I liked this burger a lot, as well as the great patty, I was loving the classic toppings of melted cheese, crispy bacon together with the simple slices of tomato and leaf of lettuce all held together inside a well toasted bun.

It might not have been all that fancy, but it was worth the money and if I was back in Plymouth down at the Barbican and fancied a Steak then based on the way that they did this burger I might well give 42nd Street Grill another go!

42nd St Grill is located at 41-42 Southside Street in Plymouth down in the Barbican

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