Cornish Pasty Hunting in Looe: Martin’s Dairy

Martin’s Dairy Bakery & Tea Room was the first Cornish Pasty scoffing opportunity that we encountered when we visited Looe in Cornwall and it was a really good one to start with.

Located in East Looe just over the bridge on Fore Street they are an inhouse bakery and cafe serving up baked goods to takeaway (which was what we did) and stuff like Cornish Cream teas if you sit inside

They sell big pasties here in the bakery at Martin’s Dairy and the window display gives you a great idea of what you are going to get size wise.

We just had medium ones to try them out, well you have to try once you find a new Cornish Pasty joint do you not? I could have had a small pasty but once again why? It was a major effort to drop down to a medium anyway

“What about the Pasty?” I hear you shouting into the screen, “We don’t care about parking or what you did not eat man just get to the point!” well that is what I would be doing if I was reading this 😂

The Pasty may not be the prettiest one that you might encounter on a Pasty Hunting trip but it will be one that you will enjoy trust me. The pastry looks a bit rough and the glaze looks a bit mottled if we are honest, but lets look past that and take a bite

Fillings wise its a lot of potato and meat, plenty to fill the pastry casing. I like that this was really well seasoned actually really quite peppery to be fair

There offer so much more in the world of baked goods than just the Classic Cornish Pasty but I only had eyes for the pasty so these pictures were as close as I was getting to a sausage roll, iced bun, doughnut or Chelsea bun

Martin’s Dairy is Located at Fore Street, East Looe, PL13 1HH Cornwall you can check them out on their Facebook page

If you park in the main car park in West Looe you will spot Martin’s Dairy as you cross the bridge over the River into East Looe. There is a small car park on that side of the river but honestly that one is rammed and I have never seen a space and I could not be arsed to hover around hopefully in case one appears

I do like Sarah’s Pasties a bit more that these ones, but would happily have one from Martin’s Dairy ahead of any of the chain pasty shops in the middle of Looe, and the pepperiness made them different enough to justify eating as well on a myfoodhunt pasty food trip around Looe (like a pub crawl only with pasties 🙂 )

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