Breakfast at the Galley Kitchen in Mount Batten

The Galley Kitchen at Mount Batten in Plymouth seems at first sight to be just another Greasy Spoon cafe serving up breakfasts and the like to the workers on the boatyards, folks from the nearby beach, and the walkers passing by on the Coastal Path, and to some extent that is true.

Yet the people running it are so friendly and really are making an effort to do the most with what they have that its seems so much more. I was only expecting a cup of tea and a pasty at best when we popped in, but I ended up with a great big breakfast hug and a little bit more warmth in my heart for the place.


I was pretty happy when we wandered in to find that they were still serving a whole load of breakfast action. It was really lunchtime by the time we had ridden the ferry over to Mount Batten from The Barbican for £2 and the best we were hoping for was a basic snack, maybe a sandwich or a bit of cake

The Breakfast menu was listing a Small breakfast for £4.80 that was made up of ‘1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 egg, mushrooms, tomato, beans. Hand cut toast‘ and a Medium breakfast that was ‘2 Sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, saute spuds, tomato and beans with Hand Cut toast‘ for £6.20

The Medium seemed be huge enough without even contemplating the need to spend the extra £1.60 to upgrade to the Large breakfast, even though thought of extra bacon, egg, toast and the prospect of some black pudding was not enough to consider it. I could not have managed any more!

I really picked the Medium breakfast as I fancied having some fried potatoes with mine (even though it’s kind of wrong) while Mum stuck with the Small breakfast

Looking back now in hindsight I suppose I could have just had the small with a side of saute spuds for an extra 80p (never mind, done it now)


I had the Medium Breakfast and I really enjoyed it, it was a bit of a contrast on the plate quality wise with those really cheap sausages lined up against some fantastic fried potatoes (saute I think they say) and really great slices of toast hand cut from a proper loaf of bread. In between those items lurking at each end of the breakfast spectrum were some thick meaty slices of bacon, nicely fried mushrooms, a properly cooked half slice of tomato, a couple of fried eggs with runny yolks and of course the classic spoonfuls of baked beans


The Small breakfast was just as good portion wise, I shared some of the fried potatoes to be kind and also because I had way too much food. The hand cut sliced toast really makes the breakfast as it was just so good that we really wanted more. You did get great value for you money here at the Galley Kitchen for sure.

It was impossible to walk past the chalkboard outside without veering inside. I mean they had me at ‘All Day Breakfast’ but even without that the thought of a Breakfast Bap would have pulled me in anyway.

I really liked this place, the people were really friendly and it was all very well organised. The breakfasts seemed to be great value and the rest of the menu looked good as well

On their Facebook page they describe themselves as

“A happy kitchen serving you your favourites coffee, breakfast baps, lunches and more during the COVID 19 pandemic from our social distancing takeaway cafe opposite Mount Batten Beach”

Could not have put it any better myself.

The Galley Kitchen is located at Western Hangar, Lawrence Road, Mountbatten PL9 9SJ, Plymouth

You can check them out on their Facebook page where they share the menu and a nifty video on riding the Mount Batten Ferry across from the Barbican to visit the place.

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