Cornish Pasty Hunting in Cawsand

The Shop in the Square at Cawsand Bay is the main spot near the beach to get your fix of Fish and Chips and Cornish Pasties.

The perfect spot to get a takeaway to eat while looking out at the sea as you ponder dipping your toes in the water.


I was happy to read the label on the counter in the Shop In the Square offering a “Locally Hand Made Traditional Cornish Steak Pasty” for £3.75.

I had just been expecting a mass produced one if I am honest so was pleasantly surprised to read that.

I was hoping that Local meant closer to home that just somewhere within the whole of Cornwall


The pasty looked good sitting on it’s bag alongside me on the bench by the beach. Somewhat flat and thin, but a big wide pasty all the same meant that you get a lot of bites for your money.

I like that the pastry had a bit of an egg wash on it to add a little golden colour to the bake and I like that there was not to much crimping so less pastry waste lol.

Fillings wise it was not the most exciting of the pasties I have eaten over the recent MyFoodHunt pasty hunting trips, plenty of soft potato mixed with the usual chunks of scrawny meat.

It was good enough for a lunchtime snack and as I never turn my nose up at a Cornish Pasty scoffing opportunity I didn’t have too much to complain about.


As you sit eating your pasty or chips from The Shop in the Square you can watch out for the Ferry to take you back over to the Barbican. You can see it coming quite easily so no need to gobble down your hot baked treat you will get plenty of warning 🙂

Selling ‘Local handmade Cornish Pasties, Fish and Chips, Fresh Pizzas, Home baked Baguettes, Baked Potatoes, Cornish Cream Teas, and Kelly’s Cornish Ice Cream

The Shop in the Square is located at 2 The Square, Cawsand, Torpoint PL10 1PF.

The Ferry from the Barbican to the beach runs daily during seasonal months. We have found that it can get quite busy and people start standing waiting to board as soon as they see it coming (you know what people are like lol)

Check out the Ferry links and timetables here

Never had a problem getting on though its quite a big one. You can also walk over to Mount Edgcumbe Park and get the smaller ferry back to Cremyll or Royal William Yard.

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