Bar Espana – Chicken and Chips

Bar Espana in Los Boliches is more or less a hole in the wall type of bar and cafe. It was raining and we just wanted some food and a drink without too much fuss. Some days you just can’t be arsed looking for a fancy meal and you just want something simple.

I didn’t want any old thing so I wasn’t looking for just ‘cheap and cheerful’, I still had some semblance of standards to maintain. Especially if I wanted to squeeze out a cheeky blog post everytime I ate something on this holiday 🙂


We saw the sign on the pavement offering Roast Chicken and Chips for just 7.50 Euro and figured that would do just fine. It seemed a decent price, they had a table under the covers and I could smell roast chicken coming through the hatch from the kitchen.


Now for the price this was pretty good value and the Roast Chicken was fairly decent. It reminded me of those roast chickens you get hot from the supermarket. It was a half chicken on the bone, so you got a bit of everything, dark, white, leg and breast meat plus the joy of the crispy skin.

The chips were out of a freezer bag straight into the fryer and they had that taint and aroma of cheapness and fryer fat. Nothing that a bit of vinegar and sauce would not cure.

It might not have been the most gourmet meal in the resort, it lacked a lot of charm and finesse in it’s presentation and delivery, but you know what you can’t go too far wrong with a bit of chicken and chips and they didn’t so all was good 🙂

Bar Espana is located at P.º Marítimo Rey de España, 110, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain

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