Steak Dinner at Bar Cosmopolita

Bar Cosmopolita in the Los Boliches district of Fuengirola is a very popular restaurant in the area. I came here on local recommendation from friends who live nearby and also from the family.

The service was charming and the place was relaxed and friendly. It seems to be set up for the older expat generation with a menu to match.

I was interested in a classic steak dinner and that was what I was to be treated to on this occasion


I had the Grilled Entrecot for ā‚¬16.50 which was essentially a MASSIVE steak with chips and a salad.

The Steak was big and juicy, cooked perfectly to medium-rare as requested,

I liked that they came to check it was cooked as they wanted to make sure I was happy.

The thick rich mushroom sauce felt really old school but it was really tasty and went well with my steak. It was an extra ā‚¬1.80 but I think without it I would have been bored working my way through this huge slab of meat.

The side salad was a bit sad looking with limp lettuce, raw onions and tomato, so I only added the slices of tomato to my plate.

I really enjoyed the whole meal and with the fries this was like the biggest Steak n Frites I have ever had šŸ™‚


The Pork Fillet was also a rather large plate filled with meat. I was not sure if having 7 individual pieces of pork in that gravy made the meal look larger or not?

It certainly looked a bit overwhelming for a moment. This also was taken with the mushroom sauce and gravy and was equally well cooked and delicious.

Instead of salad this dish came with cooked vegetables, mostly carrot and cauliflower

It was also a really solid and decent meal for the money. This was a bargain for ā‚¬9

Both dishes came with french fries that we were to share. Happily there were plenty of them šŸ™‚

Normally I like a thick chip but today they were those thin and crispy ones and they were so well cooked that I really didn’t mind and I quite enjoyed them.

Bar Cosmopolita was a great spot to get a bit of grilled meat action, I found that my Steak was particularly well prepared and was certainly generous in portions.

It did feel to be a little bit lost in time with a slightly dated menu, but there was a lot of charm in the service, many tables were reserved and it seems to be catering to the expat crowd of a certain generation.

Located at Paseo Maritimo, 9 in Los Boliches it is right on the sea front and very easy to find as you walk along the promenade.

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