Noodle Soup at Jenny Koo’s Kitchen in Dartmouth

Jenny Koo’s Kitchen in Dartmouth can be found inside the Old Market Square just at the back alongside Market Street.

Jenny originally hails from Malaysia but has lived in the UK for over 40 years and now is drawing “inspiration from her Asian roots, recalling flavours from her childhood that have stuck with her throughout her life.” cooking fusion dishes using produce from Devon

We found this place purely by chance, I had been buying Jam from the nearby Jilly’s Farm Shop and as we left I saw a young couple sitting on a step in the square with bowls of noodles.

My tastebuds and senses were alerted to the possibility of some ramen action, so I scoured the square spotting Jenny Koo’s Kitchen in the corner, this must be the source I hoped.

I was in luck, there was a chalkboard displaying a list of Noodle soup toppings as Today’s Specials.

Options included Turmeric chicken, Sweet Chilli Beef, Garlic Prawns and Garlic Mushrooms.

I toyed with the idea of the chicken flavoured with Tumeric but in the end I fell for the thought of a bowl of noodles topped with Sweet Chilli Beef and I was sold.


I was happy to find that there was plenty of that Sweet Chilli crispy Beef floating up on top of the raft of noodles and that was one of the stars of the show for sure.

I really enjoyed mixing the meat with all the crunchy salad items as I delved down into the bowl

It was neither too spicy or too sweet so happily the flavour and spicing of the meat did not overpower.

There were lots of thin noodles and lots of lovely broth all making for a really excellent experience and a great bowl of noodle soup


The menu indicated that the Noodles came in a vegetable broth, with shredded cabbage and carrots, plus pickled vegetables. It didn’t say just how colourful the whole bowl was going to be!

I am not always a fan of the pickle but these vibrant red ones were immense, pockets of sweetness and tanginess mixed in with a nice crunch.

I liked all the chopped up stuff and I used the slice of lime to good effect adding a squeeze of juice into the bowl to liven everything up.

I would not have thought to have put all these things together in the bowl so I was very happy that Jenny had as now I got to enjoy them 🙂

It wasn’t all just about the noodles at Jenny Koo’s, my mum had a really nice freshly baked fruit scone, and on other days I read that the menu varies with things like Taco’s, Curries, and Mac n Cheese. I guess I just lucked out being here for Noodle Day!

Jenny Koo’s Kitchen is located at Unit 15, The Old Market, Square, Dartmouth TQ6 9SE

You can follow them on their Facebook page and on their Instagram feed as well


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