Metro North – Princeton New Jersey

I was too busy catching up with friends to take many pictures at this place, a decent grill just outside of Princeton New Jersey. Old quaint and with quite a little bit of history the ambiance was very comfortable. With no alcohol in sight the conversation flowed which just goes to show that good company and old friends is all that you need sometimes. I was pretty well behaved with the starter going for a coconut prawn offering, but then I blew two days weightwatchers with a bowl of carbonara. My excuse? well all my fellow diners went for the veggie option so I used their points to supplement mine.


This was more than just a stop on the extended hunt, and next time a venison steak and a beer would be more in order.

Am I recommending this place? Hell I don’t even know where it was, the only loose reference to a rail track was that the Princeton ‘Dinky’ ran past it to Princeton Junction. To be honest that is one of the reasons I had to mention it! Traintastic, but in the end as I said it was all about reunions.

website: location (apparantly) 378 Alexander Rd, Princeton

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