Rickshaw Dumplings Food Truck – Times Square New York

Rickshaw Dumplings Food Truck – Times Square New York

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar is located just on the edge of Times Square, if you surface from the Times Square subway entrance at the far south east corner to avoid the crowds you will hit this particular bar.


It is not really a food truck as it is really a static van, but it does have a little food truck brother or sister (that patrols the streets) as well.  In the past I have only seen this place late at night as I stagger back across Times Square in awe of the lights and shiny things in Tackfest City.

This morning after a straight 12hr sleep I emerged intending to get the ‘7’ up to Flushing to find some early morning dumplings, but sadly or in this case now fortuitously for RDB it was not running from Times Square.  I did not want to trek down to China Town so this was breakfast.

Despite the lack of Chinese behind the counter I was not perturbed and I went for a traditional Classic Pork Steamed Dumpling “Duroc all-natural pork with cabbage, ginger, scallion and soy sesame dip” Not 6 bucks for 6 dumplings I guess not too bad, however they had better be tasty.


Another bonus is that now this part of Times Square is pedestrianized there are a plethora of picnic tables to sit at, and even early on the sun was shining and it was a joy to soak up the late winter sunshine.

The verdict on the dumplings was not too bad, not going to beat “excellent dumpling house” in Chinatown but you just beat “Wow Bow” in Chicago (not that hard really)

I did say that none of my vegan or vegetarian friends were welcome on this weekend’s food truck hunt in New York. That was a little unfair (well not really) in this case as there were at least a couple of vegan options that tempted one also, a ‘Shiitake Mushroom bun’, and a ‘Citrus Ginger Salad’ both looked acceptable but I resisted temptation. After all the day was young!

This particular dumpling bar was at Broadway Plaza, btw 42nd and 43rd St.

They also have trucks on the road and locations at Rickshaw Lexington (459 Lexington), and Rickshaw Flatiron (61 W 23rd St,  btw 5th and 6th Ave.

Website: www.rickshawdumplings.com

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