Real Good Truck – NYC

I am a total sucker for a food truck and even if I have just eaten I can’t pass one by, even if I just have a taste.

20 minutes earlier I was walking out from the Chelsea Market with my meat pie from “Tuck Shop” and I was heading over to Myers of Keswick on Hudson St  to get some English snacks and provisions when across the road at the intersection of 14th St and 9th Avenue just outside the Apple Store I sniffed the scent of food truck.

From the other side of the road all I could see was “Real Good Truck” which to say the least was slightly ambiguous.


I crossed over and checked out their menu. There seemed to be quite a few waffle inspired offerings which didn’t quite “float my ‘culinary’ boat”. So I went for what I thought was going to be a jalapeno ‘brat’ hot dog. A good friend of mine Brian who hunts, once gave me venison hot dogs with jalopeno cheese in them, and I was so hopeful that this was going to be very similar. It was but not quite in the same way.

In the end it was a sliced brat between two waffles (a waffle dog), an intriguing yet surprising combination. I ended up with a spicy warm mouth, dry flaky waffle,  plus a sweet spicy brat and spicy tomato relish. I should have clocked the waffle component when one of my options was maple syrup.

It was very pleasant eating this in the late winter sunshine in Chelsea. A total bonus, and yes waffle and hot dog does work, surprisingly.

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