Tuck Shop ‘the great aussie bite’ NYC

I love a good meat pie and I had read about this place on NFT (Not For Tourists) NYC so I really had to head over here for a pie. I had checked it out over the holiday season but I was on my way then to get Fish and Chips from ‘A Salt and Battery’ so had to restrain myself. This time however it was a dedicated mission.

It totally reminded me of classic Australian advertising.  “Australian Meaty Pies..they are pies with meat from Australia, and they are meaty”

The stand was run by two Australian girls (they get everywhere) who were on vacation from their day jobs running bars in London (kidding)

I had to go for a Traditional Beef pie for $6 and turned down the evil brussel sprout side option (what? are you crazy!). I took it outside, the pie that is, not the disgruntlement with the sprouts.


This is a truly great pie! The best I have had in America.  I really did not realise how much I had in common with my Australian cousins in the pie world.

This pie had great pastry, the filling was sweet and savoury, great gravy, great soft mince, totally excellent

This particular stall was located in Chelsea market at the 9th avenue and 15th st entrance, they also have shops at 115 St Marks Place btwn 1sr and Ave A, and at 68 East 1st St, btwn 1st and 2nd Ave

website: http://tuckshopnyc.com/

Tuck Shop on Urbanspoon

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