Seoul Food Wagon

I chanced upon the Seoul Food Wagon in Union Square on a small trip last weekend to New York City. It was such a good looking truck I felt I had to give them a chance and sample their fare.

On occasion I really despair,  I stood in the queue, or line if you like, listening to someone explain that ‘Seoul’ Food was like “soul” food because it was a play on words, as it was from the country with a city called Seoul NOT spelt incorrectly. Blank looks all around, Seriously America you sometimes really embarrass yourselves with your ignorance. It hosted the Olympics in 1988 and I suppose not worth mentioning the World cup in 2002 as that involves association football or soccer as you call it. I forget that you only admit to competing in sports that no-one else competes and insist on calling the world championships such as baseball, american football, and ice hockey..but no-one else can play.


Anyhow I found the Seoul Wagon in Union Square and as you can guess it might not have been the best experience. First off I stood in line for about 15 minutes until I gave up as the line was not moving and the guy trying to take orders was well lets be polite, he wasn’t succeeding. I mean guys do you want to make money? FFS.  That day you were hopeless. But OK I walked off and about an hour later I walked back, it was not much better zombie boy was still there but he managed to put a couple of sentences together and take my order. Only just though.

I went for the “Seoul Sliders”  – advertised as a “..twist to a classic favorite”   I had one of each for $5.95.

Sweet and Spicy Pork on a brioche bun


Bulgogi Rib-Eye on a soft brioche bun, topped with kimchi aioli, cucumber, crisp romaine lettuce, seoulfood spicy mayo and pepper jack cheese.


both were topped with kimchi aioli, cucumber, crisp romaine lettuce, seoulfood spicy mayo and pepper jack cheese.

I think that I liked the spicy pork better it had a nice kick. Both were pretty decent though and in the end although I moaned a little about the whole experience I did quite enjoy them.

I guess my only other gripe is that they charged tax on top. I haven’t yet met another food truck that does that.

The truck is on facebook and twitter and if you signed up or favorited them you could get a free taco, so pretty good deal if you are nearby.

“Like us or post a photo on Facebook: 1 free taco
Follow us on Twitter: 1 free order of Seoul fries
Check-in on Foursquare: 1 free taco”


Located on the roads in Manhattan and has been seen in Hoboken and Jersey City

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