Beechers – Cheese Emporium NYC


Just between Union Square and the Flatiron building is Beechers, it is actually right next to the new location of  ‘Craft’ Tom Coliccio’s resturant, so it is in good company. It describes itself as a store and cafe and it certainly was a striking and very pleasant space to eat lunch in.


I was initially drawn in by the etching on the window which claimed that it had the world’s best macaroni cheese, but once inside I was also tempted into having a grilled cheese sandwich. I know slightly glutinous, but in my rather inept defense I did go for a small pot of macaroni, and I had walked 20 blocks to get there.


The macaroni cheese and the sandwich both contained Flagship which is  Beecher’s signature cheese  a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor aged for 15 months, it had quite a complex flavor almost strong like an ‘extra’ extra mature cheddar, almost overpowering but just reigning itself in enough to make the taste pleasurable.

I am not sure if it is just a New York thing, but again there was a distinct charring of the bread from the grill or press. Now personally I like that, in the same way as I like my jacket potato skin to be crisp, but I am not sure if everyone is on the same page. I will concede that it was pretty damn good. It didn’t get close to Grahamwich, but it might have crept into my personal top three. As for the macaroni cheese, I would have to see the competion to determine if it was the worlds best, in my opinion the cheese was almost too strong and I suspect not to the taste of the average member of joe public.

Beecher’s in New York is located in the Flatiron district at 900 Broadway.


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