I am in Scotland I have to have Haggis – Aboukir

Many years ago I lived in Aberdeen and I was introduced to haggis on one Burns Night celebration. Was it good? I honestly could not remember, what I did recall was the warming glow of the malt whisky with which I was plied prior to eating this offal based treat. I think I liked it, but just to check  I was keen to see if I could get another taste while I was over the border, hopefully of some good quality haggis.


Staying for a couple of days in Carnoustie, more famed for its Golf Links than for its culinary excellence, I chanced one night upon the Aboukir Restaurant, situated just 5 minutes walk from the Carnoustie High Street, we were staying at the Kinloch Arms, and for a brief moment there was a danger that we might have had to settle for a fish supper from the local chip shop.

After a brief perusal of the menu there was only ever one choice that I was going to make, and that was the Chicken stuffed with Haggis & Peppercorn Sauce for £11.95. When it arrived I was quite surprised at the elegance of the plate. The moist and succulent chicken was stuffed with the tastiest haggis I had even eaten, it was more like a savoury stuffing. The jue or gravy was sweet and salty, and there was just about enough to cover the limited but perfect amount of veg, just a little bit of cauliflower, broccoli and carrot, all fresh and cooked just right. The potato was not my style, but it was in keeping with the style of the resturant.

Despite my poor attempt at resolve, I was drawn into accepting a desert or pudding. I was tempted by the White Chocolate Creme Brulee & Shortbread. It was almost heavenly, crispy hard sugar topping, perfect filling and in the base a rich soft gooey pool of white chocolate. I am not sure what the shortbread was for, but it was also consumed quickly.

Finding this place to eat was a real unexpected treat, and if I ever manage to get a tee time at Carnoustie I will pop back over here for something to eat after the round.

website: http://aboukir.co.uk/aboukir-restaurant.php

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