At the Fleece – Club Sandwich Hybrid vs Full English

Golden Fleece Menu Cover

I have sampled the fare at The Golden Fleece on Mansfield Road in Nottingham a few times this year while out food hunting for The Nottingham Food Blog (Read More Here). In those visits we had sampled the burgers, which really are very good. Today though we just had to try something different, we can’t always have the same thing (well we can but we held back).

The Fleece Club Sandwich

I ordered the Fleece club, which was listed as being filled with Chicken, Bacon and Pepperoni, yes I said Pepperoni. It is on that basis that I am calling it a Hybrid Club. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the sandwich, all in all I quite liked the slices of slightly spicy pepperoni and it made for a tasty bite. It isn’t a club sandwich as I know it, apart from that outlier of a filling the bread was hardly toasted which makes me judge it as a really good triple decker.

Club Sandwich and Chips

Apart from the sandwich I had a small green salad on my slate for my £5.50 and I added a basket of fries for another £1.50. I did enjoy it all, but what is that in the corner of my eye, just at the top of the picture? Did my dining companion order some sort of breakfast situation?

Full English Breakfast

He had! It was a Full English breakfast for £6.95, and looking at his plate I think that he had a good deal, I would have described it as a Full Plateful of English Breakfast, there was that much on the plate that you could have split it into two platefuls and we would have both had a decent meal. I am not going to say that it was judged as the best breakfast ever, but it was certainly filling.

Overall these were two fair and decent plates of food to start off a Friday evening. Both were good, but I think that the Burgers at the Golden Fleece are the thing to get

The Golden Fleece is at  105 Mansfield Road in Nottingham. Check out their menu here

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