Nottingham Food Blog Digest Nov 2013

Oscar and Rosies

Oscar and Rosies Pizza

The best thing that we found this month were the Gourmet Pizzas at Oscar and Rosies. This is a new pop up pizza joint on Carrington Street based out of the Picnic Basket Café. They have a quite amazing crust and the best topping I have tried is the ‘Meat Sweats’ which is a lot of pepperoni, chorizo, bacon and ham Read More Here


We went to a couple of good events as well

Nottingham StrEAT

Nottingham StrEAT Part I - The Bistro - Lots of Street food action, and fun
Nottingham StrEAT Part I – The Bistro – Lots of Street food action, and fun

We had a lot of fun at the start of the month visiting the opening event of Nottingham StrEAT organized by Tiger Community Enterprises which was the StrEAT Bistro in the Lace Market square. We were treated to food from Porco and Cossack Cuisine and Beer from Flipside Brewery. You can Read More Here on the Nottingham Food Blog

Nottingham StrEAT Part II - The Market -  Street food action, and more
Nottingham StrEAT Part II – The Market – Street food action, and more

The first Nottingham StrEAT market run by Tiger Community Enterprises was held  in the Lace Market square on the 6th-8th December and we went along to check it out. We tried the hotdogs from Big Daddies Diner and bought some fantastic sausages and black pudding from Allwood and Son’s Butchers. There were plenty of other vendors to check out as well. Read More Here


Pub Food

The Falcon Inn

We had an excellent meal of Pulled Pork and some good local beer at The Falcon Inn in Canning Circus. It had recently reopened as a collaboration between the Adrian and Tina Draper, who run Fellows, Morton, and Clayton down on Canal Street, and Anthony Hughes of the Lincoln Green Brewing Company. It is well worth checking out Read More Here about our visit.


We spent a rewarding week trying some of the lunchtime sandwich shop options over by Trent Bridge in West Bridgford.


Relish Cafe on Trent Bridge

I had a nice Roast Pork cob from the Relish shop which is just off Trent Bridge close to the City Ground. They do have daily specials as well such as Shepherd’s Pie as well as most of your standard sandwich options. Read the story here



Crumbs is a favorite sandwich shop that I have frequented a lot over the years, bright and cheerful staff and plenty of sandwich filling options. Somehow though I always get a breakfast bap of some sort.

Café Olive

Cafe Olive

Café Olive is right next to Crumbs and visited one the first day and the other the next. They had similar lunchtime options here but they also have some more Italian style combos such as meatballs and pasta

Check out the visit to both on the Nottingham Food Blog (read more here)

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  1. Skylar Evans says:

    Have you ever stopped by the cake shop in Hockley called Danielle Gotheridge? I go every time I get paid now because the cakes are just amazing…. The best I ever had from there was a chocolate and brandy cake which was INCREDIBLE….last time I had a pear one which was also amazing (but choc gets tops)……

    Would definitely recommend having a look in there


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