Johnny’s PoBoys – Time for a Shrimp PoBoy!

Johnnys PoBoys

Johnny’s Po-Boys has been in the French Quarter at 511 St. Louis Street since 1950, they started out as a grocery store and sandwich shop on Chartres, but as the Quarter grew th,ey moved where the people needed them. I came here just looking for a simple (or not so simple) Shrimp Poboy or maybe perhaps a tasty Roast Beef PoBoy, and to be honest either would have sufficed.

I was surprised at the length of the list of PoBoy options on the menu. I didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing? It was good if you like a lot of choice, but sometimes I like a small menu as then I am confident that they will do just a few things really well. As it happens I had nothing to worry about. I was happy to order my Shrimp PoBoy, my companion ordered a ‘country fried steak PoBoy’, and I chose to not talk to him for the remainder of the experience.

Shrimp PoBoy

As I noted I ordered the Shrimp PoBoy and I was most certainly not disappointed, it was everything that I had hoped for. Crisp plentiful bread crumbed and deep fried shrimp filled a large foot long bread roll. As always in New Orleans it was a crunchy and flaky Leidenheimer French style roll, fantastic!

I had gone for the ‘dressed’ option on my PoBoy which here at Johnny’s was lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, just a perfect choice. In the picture above you are only seeing half of the sandwich, I ate the first half before I remembered to take a photograph for Poboy posterity.

Sign Edited

I came here for one of the ‘classic PoBoy’ combinations, but you could, if you so choose try the ‘Johnny’s Special (Beef with Grilled Ham, American and Swiss) Po-Boy at $9.25’ or even the ‘Judge Bosetta (Ground Beef, Italian and Hot Sausage with Swiss) Po-Boy’ at the same price. As I said my companion went for the Country Fried Steak at $7.95, to be honest I am quite surprised that he didn’t order the Chicken Club Po-Boy (Grilled or Fried) with Bacon, American, Swiss for $9.25, but now I am just using his choice as an excuse to describe the menu contents.

In all fairness if I had not had a Shrimp PoBoy, I would have had a Roast Beef PoBoy, or perhaps if undecided a Surf & Turf which is Hot Roast Beef topped w/ Fried Shrimp. If I was just slumming it for a meal of common satiation I would have had the French Fry Po-Boy with gravy on request for $6.95, I believe that would be the equal of a chip butty in England (perhaps an unequal equal to be honest and to be true to my home nation)

I really like Johnny’s PoBoy’s and if you want to know more about them then check out their Website and Facebook pages for menu’s and reviews.
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