Clover Grill – For Breakfast on Bourbon Street, any time any day

Clover Grill Sign


Clover Grill at the end of Bourbon Street at Romaine is the sort of establishment that you should aim to find yourself at the end of a long night spent enjoying the delights of Bourbon Street, or at the start of a long night. Perhaps both?

Inside Clover Grill

In a somewhat fragile state we were well aware that fine dining was not going to be a solution to absolve our souls and that what was needed was some sort of diner breakfast affair. The sort of affair that is not usually talked about the following day, but that over time becomes one where you just remember the feeling and the sense of the moment as opposed to the detail or the reality. So it came to pass that we found ourselves approaching the counter in search of sustenance and something to soothe the hunger pangs.

Menu 2

Breakfast Options

Sausage and Eggs

 ‘Two Eggs any Style’

When it came down to it, I really was not in the food frame of mind to play it big or clever. I just needed some sort of egg situation and so I found myself ordering the ‘Two Eggs any Style’ with toast for $4.29 the item that they call their 24 hour breakfast. I added a side of sausage to it, just for something a little extra. It may not look like it was much, but it was just what my body needed, a simple plate of scrambled egg on toast.

Country Fried Chicken with Gravy

‘Chicken Fried Steak with Eggs’

My companion surprised me with his sense of adventure when he chose to attempt the ‘Chicken Fried Steak with Eggs’ I think he was also surprised when it came topped with Gravy (he wasn’t expecting that). It also came with two eggs (done to choice), hash browns, and toast. I think he enjoyed it even though it wasn’t ‘gravy’ as the English know it, and the hash browns are just shredded potato, again slightly different for an Englishman. I have lived long enough in the States to know what you usually get, but it was amusing to see the expression on his face. It was a somewhat confused one. Fair play to him for trying something different, I certainly know that after a solid night on Bourbon Street that I could not have managed to attempt that particular plateful!

Clover Grill Menu Cover

As Diners go and as breakfasts go Clover Grill is in a perfect location to mop up the trade that is mopping up the beer in their bloated bellies. The passing trade along Bourbon street must ensure that they do a roaring trade. As it is open all the time it is a great place to know that you truly can have an ‘All Day Breakfast’ anytime and all day long.

If you have had breakfast and are at the start of a trip along Bourbon Street then might I suggest that you try one of their ‘Hub Cap Hamburgers’ which I understand are really cooked under a hubcap.  I am told that the mushroom bacon cheeseburger is the one to order.

Clover Grill is located at 900 Bourbon Street you can find the menu and read more about them on their website and also check them out on Facebook

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