Wild Caper at Brixton Market

Wild Caper


Wild Caper Menu

Wild Caper in the Brixton Market is a small café that is mainly selling Eastern Mediterranean food. I was really tempted to try some of their Meze dishes especially the ‘Meatballs Saganaki’ essentially Beef meatballs with a tomato sauce and melted Kaseri cheese for £5. We also really fancied the Pork Belly wrap for £4.75 which was a “Pork Belly wrapped with tzatziki, fresh tomatoes, red onions and paprika’ although on the same Pork Belly front we could also have been all over the ‘Slow Roasted Pork belly with oregano, paprika topped with red onion’ also off that hot meze menu.

We didn’t have the space left in our bellies for any of those though as we were slowly grazing our way through the market, we had just stopped in for a coffee and some cake. But I had to mention those dishes, really for my own benefit as an aide memoire just so that I DO remember to come back here.

Wild Caper BrowniesWhite Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

I have somewhat of penchant for the combination of White Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate Brownies and these ones at Wild Caper really hit the spot. There were a little bit rich but the tartness of those pieces of raspberry and the sweetness of the chocolate were just something that make my mouth tingle. I really cannot get enough of that flavour combination.  I had mine with a Latte which is not a real coffee I know, but I like the milkiness. If you are a connoisseur it is worth noting that they do serve pretty amazing coffee here

Wild Caper Bread SignWild Caper Sour Dough Bread

They were selling some pretty awesome looking Sour Dough at Wild Caper and it featured as a star act in many of their brunch dishes. If I have to pick one of the menu then I am going to have to choose the ‘Full Wild Breakfast’ for £7.50 which is a plate of ‘Gloucester Old Spot Sausage,  Smoked back bacon, a poached egg, grilled mushroom, and slow roasted plum tomato’ on top of some of that toasted sourdough. If I was feeling more grown up then I would choose the ‘Smoked Var Salmon, Poached Clarence Court eggs and Hollandaise sauce’ on the toasted sourdough for just £6.95. It all looked amazing.

The Menu

The Wild Caper Menu


Wild Caper is located in the Brixton Market at 11A-13 Market Row. Check them out on Twitter and on Facebook


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