Day 5 China – Time to try those Ducks hanging in the window


Barbeque Dinner

In the evenings as I walked along the street by the hotel I kept on seeing places that were selling BBQ meats and poultry. The whole ducks were hanging in the windows and they looked so tasty I felt that I had to stop in and try some at one of the places. Which one? I had no idea which one to try so I just judged it on the one that understood me when I walked across their threshold.

BBQ dinner

My Barbeque PLatter

I only had eyes for some of that duck when I walked in but once I perused the menu I was sold on getting the BBQ Combination which was a platter of BBQ Duck, BBQ pork, and BBQ chicken for 68RMB (just under £7). I was surprised that the meat was cold, but then again I suppose that was obvious it had been hanging at the counter above the chopping board for us all to drool over. The flavour was actually much more enhanced because of the temperature. The meat was incredibly juicy and packed with flavour, the crispy skins hid a layer of yummy almost buttery fat which totally made each mouthful a delight. As a dining experience you had to fight the bones and you had your own personal fight with the chopsticks as they were pretty slippery little morsels. The lean pork was the best to be honest with a super crunchy and crispy fat layer on top of the almost silken flesh. I am not sure how it was called lean with that crunchy layer of fat, perhaps a small amount of the fat had cooked out? Ok that theory is a stretch to be honest. The side of boiled peanuts was also superb adding a little softness and creaminess to the dish.

Tsingtao BeerBill

This was a meal that was perhaps more on the simple side for a westerner to eat in China, it was easily understandable as it was basically just lots of tasty barbequed treats. All washed down with a bottle of Tsingtao beer it was really good value for 88RMB (about £9). A successful hunt.



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