Deuce McAllister’s Ole Saint Kitchen and Tap – Best Beer selection in town and excellent bar food

Ole Saint Kitchen and Tap

We found some great beer and excellent bar food snacks at Deuce McAllister’s Ole Saint Kitchen and Tap. This ended up being our home base for the trip, where we relaxed with a good beer each evening after wandering the streets of the French Quarter and beyond looking for snacks and places to eat.

Local beer options Chalkboard

There was a great chalk board showing us some of the featured  regional and seasonal beers that were being served at the bar from breweries all over the states. I kind of wanted to take it home with me to put on my living room wall just to make me happy.

Bar pumps at Deuce McAllisters

At the end of the bar they had two rows of Craft Beers on Tap, there was a really good selection and it was hard to make a choice as I didn’t want them to feel at all left out. We tried to restrict ourselves to sampling the beers from Louisiana and nearby States, we would have had a Goose Island 312 from Chicago Illinois but that was all sold out!

Ole Saint Chalkboard

The chalkboard outside the bar had a lot of interesting items, a lot of shrimp, a lot of oyster, and a lot of crab. If I had been in the mood I would have tried the ‘Louisiana Shrimp and Grits’ or maybe even the ‘Shrimp Po Boy’ but it wasn’t to be and I only needed (or thought I needed) something light to soak up the beer I was planning to sup.

Cochon du lait at Ole Saint

The bargain of the day at the bar was the “Cochon du Lait Fries” for just £7. This was a ‘huge’ plate of twice cooked fries smothered with aged white cheddar and house pulled pork. It is hard to see in the picture just how big this plateful was. Just trust me when I say this was an entrée sized portion! It was a super bar snack (using the word ‘snack’ in the loosest possible sense of the word). I spotted this across the bar as a couple of guys that we had been ‘chewing the fat’ with over beer selections ordered up a couple of platefuls. I heard the words cheese, fries, and pulled pork and I was sold. It was excellent value and one of the best simple bar snacks I ate all week. If I am back in NOLA which I will be, then I will return to eat this without a doubt.

If I had needed an entrée then it would have been a straight choice between the Mississippi Rabbit Pot Pie which came with summer corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes for $14, or the Ole Saint Craft Burger which was topped with Swiss cheese, Apple-wood smoked bacon, red onion, green crisp lettuce, crisp oyster mushrooms and tomato conserve for $12. I will be honest and say that based on the size of the starter I had eaten I doubt I could have eaten either and drunk many beers after.

I loved this place, good food and great beer. In their own words;

“Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap combines the culinary expertise of our Executive Chef with legendary New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister.

Located inside the Wyndham New Orleans – French Quarter at 132 Royal Street, Ole Saint is just a few steps off historic Canal Street in the French Quarter.”


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