Breakfast at Penn Station NYC

New York Egg Breakfast Sign

Some of my most loved breakfasts in New York have been a relatively simple affair with just a simple Egg Breakfast Sandwich. This particular breakfast spot is at Penn Station at 34th Street in the concourse running between the ACE and the 123 subways and where you get the LIRR and the Trains from to all over the country.

Egg Sandwich Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwich Half

Lets just take a closer look at that sandwich to see just how good it is (well to me anyhow). I know that I often describe a bite of food as a thing of beauty, but to me it usually is. This slice of a bite is no exception. I am hungry looking at it now. It is enough to make me want to buy my own flat top grill just so that I can churn these bad boys out.

There are plenty of places just like this all over the city serving egg, bacon, and cheese in a Kaiser Roll at really good prices. At this particular place you could get a sandwich and a coffee for under $5. An egg sandwich on its own for just $2!

It is hardly worth making your own at home when you can get such a sweet deal on the way to catch the train to work.

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