Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in New York – Burger with Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Oh yes

Guys American Kitchen and Bar

“I first came to Guys American Kitchen and Bar the weekend that it had first opened its doors and as a fan of Guy Fieri I was really kind of excited. Ok so I knew that it was a money making joint in the franchise, but we all have to make our cash somewhere so if Guy wanted to feed me (from a distance) that was fine with me.

After all I couldn’t go to my Grandma’s to get cake every day when I was a kid we had to wait for a family visit, or she had to come to us, so why is this different.

I am just saying that as shortly after my last visit the local (lets just slag Guy off to make headlines) guys got a lot of press posting negative reviews. It was funny as my first post here was quoted in an article of the people who did like Guys American Kitchen and Bar, hopefully someone read that, but hey who cares xxx years on it’s still open so I figure the haters lost or moved on sadly to slag someone else off

The Mac n Cheese Burger

Burger menu desciption

Bacon and Mac Burger

I ordered this basically because I wanted a burger and I wanted a side of Mac ‘n’ Cheese but I didn’t want to eat a starter and a main. This seemed to be a good compromise and also I kind of liked the cut of this burger’s jib. The picture doesn’t really do it too must justice, but then again when you talk about ‘burger’ and ‘mac n cheese’ do you need a picture or just need the thought of that combo in your head or need to pull the memory of how good those two things taste from your food memory bank?

Lets take a Close Up Look at that burger

Burger close up at Guys Kitchen and Bar

Can you picture yourself biting into this baby? I can and I did, and that mouthful of burger, bacon, and macaroni cheese lives long in the memory! Did I feel a little full and guilty after I had munched may way through this beast? Yep sure did and I am kind of in the ‘lounging on my sofa filled with food’ and replete mode ‘all day’

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserien Chicken Menu description

Rotisserie Chicken at Guys Kitchen and Bar

The first time I came here I sat up at the bar and ordered some of Guy’s Rotisserie Chicken. Back then it was really tasty but the breast was slightly dry. This time though it was perfect, very juicy, most and packed with flavour. The Rosemary and the Lemon really came through onto the palate.

Rotisserie Chicken

The Chicken is a really good choice, a bit more grown up that my Mac N Cheese Burger, maybe less fun though? 🙂 I am torn between which one I want to eat on my next visit. I suppose it depends on my company and whether I am wearing my shorts or a suit.

I like them both!

Welcome to Valvour Town

I like eating at Guy’s American Diner. I know that it is a tourist trap, and I know that it is just one more celebrity diner by Times Square, but you know what I FRICKING LOVE Times Square, and I really love watching Guy on the telly, so this is my kind of place!

As Guy says

“Located right in the heart of Times Square, we’re all about big flavors and good times. Off-the-hook scratch-made food, hand crafted signature beers, killer cocktails and rockin’ tunes are on tap here at my joint and I look forward to havin’ ya over to my house! “

Located  at 220 West 44th Street
Between 7th and 8th Ave
New York, NY 10036
646 532 GUYS

Check them out on Facebook and on Twitter as well

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