Manhattan Diner – Time for breakfast?

Manhaatan Diner

The Manhattan Diner located on the upper west side in Manhattan at 95th St and Broadway pretty close to the subway station at 96th Street. This was one place that we eat at quite a lot when we are in New York as it is pretty close to our hotel of choice (The Belnord), it is very reasonable price wise, and the service is pretty much on point.

Breakfast options at Manhattan Diner

I love seeing a menu like this in a Diner, a whole load of different breakfast options, lots of eggs and plenty of ham, bacon, and sausage. It makes me feel like I am in the movies, “I’ll take a number 3, eggs over easy, with bacon“. I just want a line like that, nothing major, preferably in a Nora Ephron film with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Do the extras get free breakfasts?

Choice number 2

I usually end up going for one of the egg combo’s the selection of Choice Number 2; “Two Eggs, Any Style” looked to be one of the best value. The home fries at a place are the thing on the plate that I find to be the most variable and the thing that can make or break my thoughts of a return. I don’t like the shredded type, and I don’t like ‘actual fries’, but I am ‘all in’ when it is a kind of fried potato mix like they have here at The Manhattan Diner

Bacon Eggs  bacon eggs and hash browns Bacon and Eggs

Over several days I came back to eat here several times each time having a combination including Bacon and eggs, sometime scrambled and sometimes fried. I kind of like the scrambled best but with the fried eggs you do get that lovely runny egg which I like to have as a sauce for my homestyle potatoes.

The best part of it all though is that crispy streaky bacon. You get a good portion for your money. I could eat platefuls of that all day and every day. Oh it looks like I did just that when we stayed this time on the upper west side.

Great place, Great service, Great Breakfast

Manhattan Diner

The Manhattan Diner is located at 2532 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 in easy walking distance from the 96th Street Subway stop and close to Central park if you need to walk that breakfast off afterwards



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