Sunday Roast at the Golden Fleece in York

The Golden Fleece in York looks like, and is, a Proper Old English Pub, the perfect place to take my friend Jennifer from Chicago to when we were on a day trip to York. I mean it was a Sunday and that means one thing to us lot this side of the pond, Sunday Roast and a pint (or two) of beer to wash it down with.

This was one hell of a plateful of Sunday lunch, arriving piled high on the plate without any grace or fancy plating. I imagined that this was akin to a carvery where the chef had made a visit to the counter on your behalf and filled up the plate by weight (everyone gets a couple of pounds of food with loads of gravy and no messing)

It really was a lot of food to contemplate, somewhere underneath all those vegetables and mash was the Roast Beef, but before you could get to that you had to dig your way through carrots, peas, mashed potato, roast potato, Yorkshire puddings and a small lake of gravy

There was not a lot wrong really with this Sunday Lunch, it was a classic big plate down the pub that was going to fill you up and probably keep you going for the rest of the day.

Well it made me stuffed and I didn’t even manage to finish it all, and I did try, honest!

The Golden Fleece pub is located at 16 Pavement, York, YO1 9UP. It is pretty near the start of the Shambles and just around the corner from the Blue Bell on Fossgate. If it helps it is just across the road from the M&S store 🙂

Check them out too on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram Profile

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