Gangaur Midway – Another roadside stop on an Indian highway

Gangaur Midway Resturant

I love India and I love travelling around the place, but I tell you this for nothing it is hard work! It always seems to be ‘midway to somewhere’ and today that place is Gangaur Midway on NH8, near Neemrana in Rājasthān, India. We are on our way back to Delhi after a couple of fantastic days in Jaipur.

It seems to be that point of the trip where we are feeling a little weary and I am dragging my weary bones off the bus, hoping really just for somewhere to sit a while off that bumpy bus.

My back is killing me and inside I am crying ‘someone please just give me a glass of beer, a bottle of water or a cup of chai.’

Are we having a proper lunch? the bus deliberates! Perhaps it will be just some chai and biscuits? No apparently we are all hungry, well except for the lone voice of the man who said lets just have some chai and biscuits. I am in both camps, so bring it on, meanwhile  lets look at that menu, and please someone bring me a drink 🙂

Menu Perusal Time

Menu at Gangaur Midway

To be honest I was not that hungry and it is quite a long way to go so I am just thinking about getting a couple of simple dals and some bread to dip into that Dal. I have been here before, I know the drill, this is ‘Dummies Guide to eating on the road in India’ time.

Dal Fried

Dak Fried at Gangaur Midway

The first dish to arrive was the Dal Fried which was basically ‘Lentils simmered & fried with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes garnished with coriander’. Well that was what the menu said, in reality this is a very thin dish with a lot of liquid, the flavour was there but it felt incomplete, you kind of had to fish the lentils and ‘various bits and pieces’ out of the ‘soup’ to get something solid that you can get your teeth or bread into.

Dal Makini

Dal Makini at Gangaur Midway

The Dal Makini was described on the menu as ‘Lentils simmered overnight with butter, tempered with onions garlic and ginger’. This was quite different from the same dish that we had seen elsewhere. It was much lighter in colour and seemed to be much lighter in flavour as well. I also have to say that I was not that enamoured by the look of the dish, it had a bit of a ‘skin’ on it and I don’t know just seemed to have been sitting there a while before it came to the table.

Missi Roti

Missi Roti at the Gangaur Midway

We ordered some Missi Roti, my new favourite bread. This one was OK, not as good as other ones that we have had, but still better than I can cook. When I get back though I will master this bread as it is most certainly one of the best things that I have found on this trip. Ok so maybe the temples, forts, and Taj Mahal were better but you cannot eat them!

This is the Plate for Lunch

Plate of Food at Gangaur Midway

Perhaps putting spoonfuls of these dishes onto the plate was not such a good idea as it does not look that good.  This is probably a bit harsh as it all did taste a lot better than it might look. It is all quite a light, not that spicy affair, that could promise a lot more.

I could not find many comments online about this place and both said that it was overpriced. Now it is not expensive but I can see what they mean. We have paid like no more than a couple of hundred rupees at similar places for better. Here it was nearer 700 rupees for something less tasty.

Look though lets be honest  it is still a great experience, a lot a fun, and apart from knowing I have a few more hours on the bus to look forward too, I at least have a full belly to keep me going!

Gangaur Midway Roadside Sign

A description online tells us that “Midway Gangaur Resort , NH-8 Delhi Jaipur Highway is authorized service provider of Monks and Monkeys, LPTI, Caper, TCI, Makemytrip , Cox and Kings and many more tour operating companies.”  ah so that is why we stopped here!


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