Devraj Coffee Corner, A German Bakery listed by the Lonely Planet Guide in Rishikesh – Go for the View


Devraj Coffee Shop in Rishikesh

Devraj Coffee Corner is a ‘German Bakery and Restaurant’ located right next to the crossing over the Ganges at the Lakshman Jhula suspension bridge

Yesterday we had found a different ‘German bakery’ the Pumperickel Bakery. where I had eaten one of the most delightful vegetarian pizza’s that I have had for sometime. When we returned to the hotel later that evening we were sharing notes on the day and there was some talk of a ‘German Bakery’ that was listed in the Lonely Planet Guide.

As it happened we had found a different ‘German Bakery’, there appear to be several here in Rishikesh, the one that the guide talks about is described thus;

“Perched above the bridge and looking across the river to Shri Trayanbakshwar temple, this German bakery is a sublime spot for a break at any time of the day. The coffee is the best in town and the menu ranges from specialities such as brown bread with yak cheese to soups and sizzlers, along with croissants, apple strudel and more.”

Best Lunchtime view ever!

View in Devraj Coffee House at Rishikesh at Lunch

Looking at the view I had out of the window from my table I could see why it was talked about. You could see life unfolding in front of you, tourists, locals, and the yoga crowd swarm over the bridge alongside the cows and the monkeys. Thrill seekers heading for the rapids float by on the Ganges and on the far shore the ladies were doing their washing in the river. It is a moment to remember for a lifetime.

Pizza Options

Pizza menu at Devraj Coffee House in Rishikesh

After yesterdays experience I found myself in that need to compare with the ‘other German Bakery’ we visited yesterday that was not in the guide, but that also served us a pizza. So apologies to the purists who might suggest I should still be eating ‘just’ Indian food, I am once again ordering a pizza at lunch. I blame all those people doing yoga, it makes me really hungry!

Pizza Cacciatore

Pizza in Rishikesh

I ordered the Cacciatore pizza described as being topped with ‘Tomato sauce, Mushroom, and Cheese’ which was offered on the menu at just 190 Rupees. OK so sorry I have to put it out there and tell you that it was not as good as the one we had at the Pumperickel Bakery. It could have been, if it had been cooked just a little longer in the oven to make sure that the base was crispy. It had all the flavour, but the crust was just a little soggy and I think that they pulled it out of the oven too soon perhaps 5-10 minutes more and I would have been all over this.

Devraj Coffee Corner

It is a great spot to sit for lunch and maybe if I lived in Rishikesh and ate here a lot I might have a different opinion, but I think that someone picked a view over substance this time. Sadly we don’t all get to have that chance to go back time and time again and we all may use these guides like the bible of where to eat, drink, stay, and in a place like this play.

Having said that I would love the job of field researcher for a guide like the Lonely Planet, and I am sure I wouldn’t always get it spot on, that is the beauty of opinion and tastes, we are all different.




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