Vegetable Market in Rishikesh – Lots of great produce and a photo opportunity


Fruit Market in Rishikesh

We left our hotel looking for somewhere to get an evening meal but instead we found ourselves in the hustle and bustle of another typical Fruit and Vegetable market in India. It was bright, it was vibrant, and if I had my own kitchen and apartment I would have been down here every day to get my ingredients!

Vegetable Market in Risikesh

I am not sure where the crowd went, but they all moved just for a brief moment so that I could take this picture. Thanks Guys! I may have photo chopped out the one or two who were looking at the western mad man with the camera, or perhaps they had moved aside swelled with pride at all the lovely produce that was on offer.

Chillies and Ginger in the Market at Rishikesh

This was my favourite bit of the market. I was thinking where is the chilli and the ginger, you know the stuiff that we always are looking for to put in our Indian meals, then I turned the corner and found a great big pile of both!

Got to love a Market! This one being on the main road in Rishikesh


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