Hash at Borough Market – “Mac and Gumbo”

Hash Menu at Borough Market

Hash at Borough Market was selling some of my favourite foods in the whole wide world. They had Gumbo, they had pulled pork shoulder, they had mac and cheese combined with gumbo and also with pulled pork. OMG this is not fair at all. I mean what is a man supposed to do or choose?

It gets worse or better depending on how long you have to choose when I tell you that they had a bacon and egg butty, and a club sandwich too!


Gumbo at Hash at Borough Market

The Gumbo was part way through preparation when we strolled up to their counter so we already dismissed that as an option. We did ask for a taste though or maybe they offered a taste to stop us drooling into the pan. It was a win win situation for us anyhow as we got fed a spoonful to keep us happy. It is like a gateway food drug to keep us hanging on for more. What a cunning trick!

We were having one of these

Chalkboard at Hash

When it came down to it, the price was the same, so we picked the one that we thought would go best with mac and cheese. That was to be the pulled pork which we got to share. It was after all just a little sampler to keep us going before we operated the chow down button in the market.

mac & cheese & pulled pork

Pulled Prl and Mac n Cheese at Hash

I liked this a lot, I liked that it was filling and plentiful, even when shared by two hungry myfoodhunter’s. I liked that it was a cheap deal when split at just 3 quid each, I liked even more that is was so goddam tasty that it almost ruined things we chose later as they didn’t look or taste as good.

Yes I was in a happy place when I was eating this.

Honestly I think that there is like a pound of food in that tin foil tray, loads and loads of sweet BBQ pulled pork shoulder, a lot of elbow macaroni cheese, and a small pile of salad squeezed into one end. It was squeezed in less that I was squeezing in as much of this mac and cheese pulled pork combo as I could.

Chalkboard at Hash in Borough Market

I will be honest I did leave some of my share of the salad, it seemed only right at the time.

Hash is located towards the back of the Market as you walk through Market Hall towards the church

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