Golden Union for Haddock, Chips and Mushy Peas in Soho London

Golden Union Fish and Chip Shop London

Over the past days I had eaten a lot of street food and was in the mood for some traditional British Fare, something comforting and something filling. Fish and Chips was to be the order of the day, but where to go? As an out of towner I had no real ideas where to go so I let the internet decide and googled London Fish and Chips. The nearest place that was recommended the most was Golden Union.

Golden Union describe themselves as; ‘the quintessential British Chippy, serving the freshest fish and the finest homemade pies to the people of Soho since 2008. We believe in keeping it simple and staying true to the roots of the Chippy; no frills, just great fresh food and fast friendly service’

We knew it was a sit down chippy and we knew it was popular, we didn’t realise quite how popular the placed was until we walked in at about 7pm. We were lucky and got the last empty table. Within 10 minutes a line of people had formed at least 5 tables worth. Phew close call, if we had poled up and seen that queue we would have walked off and gone somewhere else.

So fate had dealt her hand and we had been rewarded with our ‘plaice’ at the chippy table.

Large Haddock, Chips, and Mushy Peas

Haddock Chips and Mushy Peas at Golden Union

I ordered a plate of Haddock, Chips, and Mushy Peas. I could have been sensible with my choice but I wasn’t and asked for a Large Haddock (I was a hungry chap). I liked that everything was cooked to order,  behind me at the fryer, people stood patiently for their take out, while I sat in comfort with a rumbling tummy sniffing in the glorious smells of the British chip shop wafting across the café.

There was a lot on that plate and it was a BIG plate! The picture makes it look like the fish was quite small, but it was about a foot long and there are lot of freshly cut chips. The thick chunky mushy peas came in a pot that was the size of a small mug and there was no room on the plate for them to fit.

The Fish here in London is prepared a little differently to back up in Nottingham my UK home base, the fillet is skinned and the batter is a little more soft and less seasoned. I had got quite used to my fish and chips being cooked in beef dripping and with beer batter. Here at the Golden Union it is a more traditional perhaps plainer and safer fry.

I think that Fish and Chips is quite a regional thing and if you stray to far away from the place where you were brought up it can be quite a different meal. Sometimes it is far better (usually whenever you hit up a chippy at the seaside) but sometime like today it is just someone else’s usual fish and chips normal experience.

Golden Union menu

I had large Haddock and Chips for £13.95, a portion of Mushy Peas for £2.50 and a bottle of beer.

It wasn’t cheap but I suppose this is London.

I did enjoy eating here it was a bustling busy place and full of life.

The Fish and Chips were good and they were bountiful on my plate.

One of the strangest things though was the number of people ordering jumbo sausage and chips, what is that all about?


Golden Union is located on Poland Street in Soho

just far enough away from Oxford Street to avoid the tourist throng.

38 Poland Street, Soho
London W1F 7LY

020 7434 1933

Opening Times

11.30am – 10pm everyday

Check them out on their Twitter Feed and on their Facebook Page

Golden Union Fish Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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