Danny’s Bar-B-Que – Awesome Simple Pork Sandwich and some Brunswick Stew

Dannys Bar B Que in Morrisville

Danny’s Bar-B-Que in Morrisville was my next stop on the hunt for BBQ. It is run by a family from Jacksonville who after relocating to North Carolina went in search of the sort of BBQ they were used to back home. It turns out that they didn’t find it so they set up there own place with their idea of BBQ which is slow cooked on an open pit with Hickory wood. Now I am no expert, but I am trying to learn the differences so I was pretty happy to find some more BBQ to eat locally on my travels

From the outside it does not look much, but when you walk in it was a great place, a little diner like, almost mom and pop style, with some veteran waitresses running the show and a whole lot of happy looking people in front and out back. I knew I had made a good decision to drive over here

Sandwich Menu at Dannys Bar B Que

I popped up at lunchtime and was just here at Danny’s Bar-B-Que to get a little sample of what they had to offer. I wasn’t that hungry so I just opted to try one of their Bar-B-Que Sandwiches which comes served on Texas Toast with one side. I was pretty tempted to try out the Catfish but I thought I would save that for another day.

In the end I played it simple and ordered one of the Pork Sandwiches with a side for just $6.50 as that looked to be the best value on the menu.

Bar-B-Que Sandwich – Chopped Pork

BBQ Chopped Pork sandwich

This is another great sandwich. I would say that this is a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, but the menu calls it a chopped pork sandwich. It is very simple just a good sized pile of pork, about an inch thick, inside slices of soft super soft Texas toast. It was the perfect size for a lunchtime, not too huge to overwhelm but big enough to satisfy my needs.

The pork has an excellent taste of smoke and was pretty moist although it certainly benefitted from the addition of some of the table BBQ sauces to add a bit of extra excitement to the mouthful.

Brunswick Stew and BBQ Pork Sandwich

BBQ Chopped Pork sandwich and Brunswick Stew at Danny Bar-B-Que

I chose Brunswick Stew as my side to go with my chopped pork sandwich mainly because I was curious to find out what it was. It turns out that it is traditional stew from the American South. I found it to be a really delicious bean stew made up of lima beans, butter beans, corn, chicken and a thick tomato based gravy. I read that in North Carolina they also add some eastern style pulled BBQ pork as well. I like it, it is pretty thick and hearty and has a bit of a smoky taste as well. Some reports say that it can be made with game such as rabbit, I like that idea I might find a recipe and try that out.


Danny’s Bar-B-Que  in Morrisville

is located at

9561 Chapel Hill Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560

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