Peppers Market and Sandwich Shop – Gourmet Grilled Cheese Please

Peppers Sandwich Shop in Morrisville

Peppers Market and Sandwich shop in Morrisville describe themselves as an Urban Sandwich Shop, they also say that they “are not your typical sandwich shop and are committed to bring you the best and freshest ingredients every day!” Ok I like the sound of that and they “offer local baked breads, fresh in-house roasted meats, homemade soups & salads as well as beer & wine!” OK sold I will be over on the weekend!

I had spotted this place while driving over to CVS with Mike @RunnersThoughts during the week and had passed by several times since on my way to Alpaca for some Peruvian Chicken and to Dannys for some BBQ. The sun was shining and I really fancied some Grilled Cheese so I checked out their menu saw that they had some and made a plan to have Saturday Lunch here.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Gourmet Grilled Cheese at Peppers

I ordered the “Gourmet Grilled Cheese” for $8.15 which was described on the menu as “A unique blend of high quality cheeses, applewood smoked bacon and fresh herbs. Served on grilled sourdough bread“. It was a close call as I chose because the menu had a couple of other cheese sandwich choices that I also fancied. For the record it beat out the “Southern Style Pimento Cheese” and the “Vegetarian Gourmet Grilled Cheese” which sounded good too ‘Sharp cheddar, provolone, herbed goat, pepper jack and swiss cheese with vine ripened tomato“.

I will have to come back and try the others, but just for now I was sitting out in the sunshine contemplating this beautiful looking Gourmet Grilled Cheese sitting on the plate in front of me. I loved the crisp and crunchy sourdough toast. It was just the right thickness so that it was easy to bite and it had a great creamy buttery bonus richness as well. The cheeses were oozing out of the sandwich and as you pulled it apart the cheese strung out with it trying to avoid its fate. The bacon was really crispy and added saltiness and that lovely applesmoke flavour. It did its job well.

I chose a pasta salad as my optional side and did not expect that much, so I was very pleased to find myself with a lovely little pot fusilli mixed with soft red pepper and a nice tangy dressing, it was a total bonus!

This place is great and it is close enough to the office so that I can pop over in the week to try something else!


Peppers Market and Sandwich Shop

is located at

2107 Grace Park Drive


NC 27560

Phone 919 – 380 -7002

You can also check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Twitter Feed


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