Sheetz – Fresh Food Made-to-Order on the roadside for the ‘Road Warrior’ and ‘The Office Worker’


Sheetz is a chain of road side stops with  ‘gas station, convenience store and made to order quick-serve restaurant’ all rolled into one. The Sheetz I visited is just off route 40 on Aviation Parkway in Morrisville just over the road bridge spanning the highway at the junction where our office is located.

I didn’t even think of coming here to get lunch until Mike @runnersthoughts suggested it when we only had about 15 minutes to get out and back last week.

I like this text on their website; “Road warriors. Construction workers. Soccer moms. They all have a special place at Sheetz. We know you don’t have time to run all over town for the things you need. Sheetz has what you need, when you need it. And, we’re here 24/7/365. Even on Christmas day

I was pretty sure that most of the people in there when I visited were from the nearby office complex that has nowhere to buy any sort of food (what is that all about). I did see a few ‘road warriors’ or people driving up and down Route 40 looking for somewhere to stop for a break and something to eat.

Touch screen ordering

Sheetz Touch Screen

I was amazed how busy this place was and if it wasn’t for Mike explaining it all to me I am not sure that I would have found the Touch Screen where you order. I would have been standing in line / in the queue waiting to ask politely for a sandwich for 10 minutes for no gain before I found out what to do.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I just heard an exasperated friend ask. Well you have to find these touch screens where you have to step by step build your sandwich and after submitting you get a ticket, Then you stand in line to pay for the food and then you stand around the store until they call your name. I don’t know what happens if there is a power cut 🙂

Anyway eventually you get a bag with a sandwich in it

Sandwich Wrapped at Sheetz

I like that they give you a Wrapped up Sandwich with a list of everything that you asked for on that touch screen. I wonder if anyone actually has the time to check everything?

Club Sandwich at Sheetz

OK so you know it says ‘cut’ on that ticket? Well that was an option on the screen to have your sandwich ‘cut in half’. I was going to photo each screen as I ordered but there was a ‘road warrior’ behind me and he looked more like a mad max type so I bottled it. Cut in Half?  I think we can all see that they almost managed it.

Any way it was all looking pretty decent when I unwrapped the food. It clearly isn’t a ‘club sandwich’ as there are only two slices of bread. Maybe it is ‘club sandwichesque’? I just made that word up

Club Sandwich Sheetz

It is and was however a really good sandwich considering that it came from a roadside truck stop. I actually knew that it would be when I saw the army of people behind the counter assembling sandwich after sandwich. It looked like a very slick operation.

Things I like about my sandwich. I love the toasted bread, the crispy bacon, the molten cheese on the bottom slice of bread. The cooler slice of cheese, tomato, turkey and ham were ok but it was cold and hot mixed. Luckily as I had it all bagged up it all sort of melted a little bit.

All things considered I really had a pretty good sandwich for my money.

If I was driving along one of the many highways across the state and saw a Sheetz. I would most happily stop in for something to eat it I was hungry


Located at


This is Store #399



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