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Tasty 8 in Raleigh

Tasty 8’s Gourmet Hot Dogs in Raleigh is located on Fayettville Street up at the end near to the State Capitol building. I like a hot dog and I am always intrigued when someone says that they have a ‘gourmet’ dog, it sounds like a oxymoron. I am always willing to take a chance and I am pleasantly surprised by what I find to eat.

Tasty 8's Menu

As soon as I walked in I knew instinctively that I was on to a good thing. They had 8 different hot dogs to try and 8 different local beers on draft…. hold on a minute…I get it now 🙂 = Tastys 8’s. They also have (apparently) ‘8 tasty shakes, and fries accompanied with 8 mouthwatering dipping sauces’

Specials Menu Board

I like the look of what was on the Tasty 8’s menu a lot, especially the BLT which was described as a dog wrapped in bacon with arugula, cherry tomatoes and basil aioli. This sounded like the perfect combination of guilty pleasure with bacon and sausage mixed with a little side salad to even things out. I might be coming back for this one,

but as it was I ended up choosing to try the Dog of the Month

The Dogfather

The Dog Father at Tasty 8's

The Dogfather was an Italian Fennel sausage topped with sautéed peppers and onions and a very decent liberal dressing of Dijon mayonnaise. I really bought into this combination, it brought back all the memories of sausages I had at many street festivals in New York and of sausages eaten at the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. It was spot on!

I loved the actual ‘dog’ itself, a great big meaty boiled and charred Italian sausage full of that gentle onion like anise flavour. When you bite it the skin ‘pops’ and all the lovely hot juices seep out and mix with the juice from the peppers and onions, throw in the spicy tang of that mayo and I feel like I am eating my dog with the Godfather himself.

They have Beer too

Beer at Tasty 8's in Raleigh

So the dogs look good, and taste good too, but I need to wash that down with something awesome, like some local beer!

They have some excellent local brews on tap and when I was here I was really enjoying the beer from Crank Arm brewery, Zip Away was my choice on the day and it was a very good choice indeed.

They describe it as an ‘Asian-inspired saison is the perfect summertime beer. Along with being crisp and light, the addition of lemongrass and ginger adds a great zip to this one!’

It was a bit flavoured but the part I liked was the ‘crisp and light’ aspect. Just as I like it!


Tasty Gourmet Hot Dog Co

I really like Tasty 8’s, lets face it what is not to like? Dogs and Beer? Awesome

Located at

121 Fayetteville St. #108, Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone: (919) 307-8558

Web: www.tasty8s.com

Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter

Anything else to add?


“At Tasty 8′s we celebrate community, as well as creative twists on all-American classics. Above all, we understand the community’s need for tasty food, cold drinks, and a good time. We strive to make Tasty 8′s the kind of place where everyone can enjoy good food and fun times with friends and family. With 8 types of dogs, 8 styles of beer, 8 tasty shakes, and fries accompanied with 8 mouthwatering dipping sauces, you’re bound to spend time here hanging with friends and creating memories to last a lifetime.”

Tasty 8's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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