Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs – Two Dog Combo Carolina Style

Jimmy's Hot Dog Sign

Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs on HWY 55 is one of two dog shack locations in the South Durham area. The one we visited is the newer one moving to its current location inside an old waffle house building earlier in the year I have been told.

The sign out front says that they serve burgers, wings and shakes, but I was more interested in the words “Famous Hot Dogs” when I pitched up here with Mike from @runnersthoughts in his big white truck midweek for some lunch.


Just because I am only interested in the hot dog I edited all the other stuff from the picture of the menu. Lets face it, if you come to a place that has Famous Hot Dogs in it’s name for a burger or a sandwich you haven’t got the take home message of the day.

I only came for one thing so I asked for the number 1 option on the board and that was the “Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dog Combo”. This as you might imagine is 2 Hot Dogs ‘All the Way’ with fries and a drink. Here at Jimmy’s “All the Way” means a traditional Carolina style topping of ‘Mustard, Chili, Slaw, and Onions’

Double Dog Combo at Jimmy Hot Dogs

Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dog Combo is a bit of a messy affair, if I was counting napkins I used about 6 to clean up the chili smears from my hands and face. The Carolina style topping was built up with an undercover layer of finely chopped raw onion that was nestled down in the soft bun alongside each dog and a decent spread of yellow mustard.

On top of that you can see the somewhat uneven pile of chili and of coleslaw. The coleslaw is house made and is apparently true Carolina style finely grated crunchy cabbage and some fine carrot gratings, mixed up with mayo, sugar and vinegar. You could tell there was quite a bit of sugar in there as it was a little bit sweet. The Chili is quite coarse texture wise made of ground beef mixed with chili pepper and some cumin.

I liked the chilli more than I liked the coleslaw, and I think I have reached the point in the adventure when I can say that I have eaten enough Carolina style to say that next time I will omit the slaw from my selection.

Jimmys Famous Hot Dogs

I quite enjoyed this pit stop at another local Hot Dog joint. I liked the dogs and would order them again, the fries were just your basic frozen fried efforts and I would suggest worth missing out on. Maybe get a third dog instead?

I did note that they allow you to order your hot dog with Ketchup on it! What is that all about people?


This particular Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs

is located at

4435 North Carolina 55
Durham, NC 27713

Tel:(919) 361-6888

This is just off of exit 278 on I-40 in South Durham


Check Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs out on Facebook

Jimmy's Famous Hot Dogs Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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